Schools are gradually shifting from traditional paper-based evaluations to online evaluation systems.
Fair and error-free evaluation practices and timely result delivery is a must in the highly competitive education scene. Digital evaluation systems help to overcome the challenges faced by examiners in the most efficient manner. The adoption of online evaluation systems has made life easier for teachers who undergo a tremendous amount of stress during the examination time.
Online evaluation systems simplify the labour-intensive task of manually collating and correcting answer papers and sharing the results. It cuts the costs that go into printing and distributing the question/answer papers with students and examiners. With online evaluation systems, you can quickly scan and mark paper-based answer scripts digitally. Evaluating these answer scripts and creating reports will take only half of the time through the online system.
At its core, evaluation of answer scripts is challenging. Examiners have a tough time assessing huge volumes of answer scripts belonging to students of various education levels. They assess a student’s knowledge in several different subjects and their basic to advanced learning levels. Online exam administration and evaluation systems make it easy to provide a personalised learning experience for the students as their scores, grades and performance are tracked in the centralised system. Online evaluation systems have specifically reversed the difficulties that came along with paper-based evaluation. These systems help to:

Centralise and streamline exam administering and assessment,
Reduce high cost, effort and time taken to evaluate the answer sheets manually,
Scan and encrypt copies of answer sheets for quick and secure sharing,
On-screen evaluation of paper-based descriptive answer scripts,
Cuts down the chance for malpractice and improves reliable assessment of answer sheets,
Options to add comments and feedback for student’s reference,
Auto grading features to reduce human errors,
Evaluate answer scripts from a desktop, laptop or web-enabled device,
Easy retrieval of answer scripts as per request from students or teachers,
Keep track of each student’s result and ranks,
Check specific results of a student and map their progress over time.

The timely evaluation facilitated by online platforms brings down the waiting time and provides instant exam results to the students. With such immediate feedback mechanisms, a student can analyse their academic progress, their strengths and weaknesses quickly. The online evaluation process also frees up the time of the teachers so they can focus on the academic development of the students. The results can be analysed to identify areas of low performance so that teachers can focus on those learning gaps. The detailed reports help to create specific learning programs for these students, which leads to a better learning outcome and boosts the confidence of the students.

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