The Most Used Methods for Online Evaluation
Online evaluation is crucial. It helps to ensure that every student is getting the resources they need and that your organization is getting the best. The most effective methods to evaluate your online education program:

Online groups: You can see what your students really think about the online education. You can monitoring them and their discussions.

Teachers can hold the classes an online discussions to get feedback from their students.
You give them a list of topics, questions and materials in advance, so they can prepare.
Then invite them to share their honest opinions .You can improve your online lessons.

Online training: If you are working with your team, you can still monitor your students` performance with the help of simulations. This gives you the opportunity to identify knowledge.
Online focus team: Choose a class and invite your students to participate in online course. Ask your students what they thought of the online class activity. You evaluate your course from a firsthand perspective.
Online questionnaires: Polls give you measurable data that is easy to chart and analyze. All of the responses are recorded in system. Focus on your learning objectives and desired outcomes.The students can complete the questionnaire quickly and get back to you.
Quantitative Assessements: There are multiple choice and true-false questions,provide measurable data. Before the online course you prepare your class materials. This allows you to track their progress and performance improvements.
Webinars: Are more interactive than surveys, but they do take time and careful planning. You must find the right video conferenceing platform, create a general outline, send the e-vites, and find the host.You can ask your students directly and then see where the conversation leads.
School stats: Virtualy every statistic relates back to online teacher from his students. Resarch their sheets, surveys and others to identify strengths and weaknesses. These evaluation methods can help teacher measure his online course effeciveness and continually improve his online lessons strategy.

Techniques of evaluation consist of test items for measuring outcomes of learning.

are the instruments used for measuring the learning outcome.
refers to learner performance.
refers to a systematic process. It helps us determine if a lesson is good and informs our design efforts.

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