Education and the access to education as implied, is one of the most important factors in a student’s life. The last months have put us to the test not only from a health or social point of view but also from the point of view of carrying out the educational act. Given this difficult period in which we are, we must learn, first of all, to adapt to the situation. And that involves adapting the school as well. We need to turn our attention more than ever to technology. And to the benefits it can bring to us in the educational process.
Technology is something we meet every day, something that young people and children love very much. Technology and all that it entails makes our lives easier and helps us grow. So technology will help us to carry out our lessons as well. Online education gives the possibility to substitute, for the moment, the classical education, in an adequate way and adapted to the educational rigors of the education system. Many online educational platforms and software can now be used, given the range of offers we meet. These are a form of distance learning, intended for those who do not have the opportunity to access the classical education system, traditional, „face to face” or appropriate to special contexts, as is the case in the current pandemic, when the entire system education, public and private, regardless of level or curriculum is closed.
When we speak about assessment, we know that its main purpose is to quantify the extent to which the objectives of a training program have been achieved and the effectiveness of teaching / learning methods, and if we refer to the education system then the assessment activities must be carried out in concordance with the perspective of the training needs of the educated.
In my opinion if we are to speak about the assessment methods and techniques adapted to the online process of education I think we will have to take into consideration more and more the modern methods of assessment because they fold better on the current situation and also because they are more attractive for the students. If we are to work on online educational platforms such as Google Classroom or Google Meet, Zoom, and so on, we can also use as forms of evaluation the essays, the portfolio presentations and even, let’s say, the classical “face to face”, but now through a screen, evaluation.
Online evaluation is a method of evaluation that can respond effectively to the identified situations, especially since it can be applied to any of the three forms of traditional evaluation: initial, continuous and cumulative.
The most common implementation of the online assessment is the questionnaire-type tests. These may involve “yes” / “no” (“true” / “false”) answers or selecting one or more correct answers from several possible ones, associating images, texts, or open-ended questions. Online assessment through questionnaire-type tests is a method that can be applied regardless of the subject, has a high level of objectivity and causes students to pay more attention to make the right choices or additions, while creating an image. Overall on the subject. There are also interactive worksheets that can be found on the Internet and used for an assessment. They can give also the score for each student directly, thing that makes the students more interested in them.
There are many interesting possibilities when it comes to online evaluation. One has the means to do almost whatever s/he wants. The Internet, the modern technology can make evaluation an easier and pleasant way to assess students. It also has its bad parts because nothing can replace the connection we humans have in real life meetings, but, for the moment, it is a good replacement.

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